Slum Ball VR Tournament

Slum Ball is a racquet sport played by one player in a three-walled court with a small beverage can.
Life is never boring in the slum. Even if you don’t have any sports equipment, you can still play and develop your skills.
Slum Ball is a fun way to exercise and gain coordination without realizing it!

- good for your health and waist
- developing coordination
- 21 awesome levels to play
- loot boxes

A ball earns points each time it hits a jerrycans
Build your multiplier to earn more points from each jerrycan

It never gets easier, you just get better

Slum Ball VR Tournament
Release date 2018-05-04
Developer U24 Solutions
Publisher U24 Solutions
Achievements none
Languages English
Platforms Windows
Steam id 850500
Steam page Slum Ball VR Tournament Steampage
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Player statistics for Slum Ball VR Tournament in April 2018