Floor By Floor

Floor By Floor is a 2D action game where you fight floors of enemies trying to defeat the level's end boss. With 4 weapons to switch between and an ever increasing difficulty curve, Floor By Floor requires precision, timing, and mastery of each floor in order to beat the level.

This was the first full game I ever made which was a couple years back but hey it got greenlit so it is! :)

It doesn't look like much but it can be fun so give it a try!

I hadn't played this since I made and trying now I'm not able to beat it yet so if you can beat it hit me up on twitter @aagames044 and I'll put a special thanks to you in the next game I release.

Happy Playing!


-2 Levels of 10 Floors each

-A steady difficulty curve at first that ramps up pretty quickly

-Soundtrack by Kevin MacLeod

Floor By Floor
Release date 2018-03-17
Developer AA Games
Publisher AA Games
Achievements none
Languages English
Platforms Windows
Steam id 826810
Steam page Floor By Floor Steampage
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