As If Dreaming When You're Wide Awake

As If is a first person narrative game portraying issues revolving around mental health. Experience the life of Matthew as he struggles to reach his dreams and wishes.

As a teenager, Matthew seems to have everything he needs. He has a loyal friend, a caring mother, and a father to look up to. He is an aspiring boy, whose journey to the future is a rather bright one. However, he starts to hear the voices inside his head, telling him that he is unworthy of the future awaits for him. He plunges deeper to the hole of depression when he starts to listen to the voices, driving him away from what he believes to be true. His ambitions starts to crumble when schizophrenia starts to take hold of his destiny.

See the world through Matthew's eyes. Experience his life. See all the broken hopes. See through the disappointments. Stand against the judgements. Walk as if in his shoes.

  • Explore an immersive, stylized 3D world through a first person point of view.
  • Interact with various objects and characters.
  • Engage in voice acted conversations.
  • Enjoy beautifully crafted original soundtracks.

Founded by a bunch of then-undergraduate students from Bandung, Indonesia. The project has been rough and tough, mainly because we were university students. However, we dragged ourselves slowly to get sort of everything balanced. Now, here we are.

Andreas Andika is responsible for the technical directing, Chandrika N. Dewi is taking care of the art directing, M. Irfan Permadi is the programmer, Mira Wardhaningsih writes all the story, and Rolly Anwari creates all the music for the game.

As If Dreaming When You're Wide Awake
Release date 2018-05-01
Developer StoryTale Studios
Publisher StoryTale Studios
Achievements none
Languages English*
*languages with full audio support
Platforms Windows
Steam id 845370
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